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Jewelry Party

Have you ever wanted to host a jewelry party with exclusive one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry you will find nowhere else? This is your chance! Not only will we host the party in your own home or other location, you will receive free jewelry just for hosting and discounts based on the party size and total sales! See below for more information and sign up today!

about amaris jewelry parties

The difference in hosting an Amaris Jewelry party versus other product parties is that every piece will always be unique. Every piece you get will always be handmade and a one-of-a-kind! I put the time in to search out the specific beads, chain, found objects, antique keys, etc., so that your piece will truly be perfect.

We also pledge to never enroll you or entice you to sell more product after the party and convince others to do the same. Our only goal is to provide a quality and lovely product for you to love and enjoy.

All product will be on hand to provide you and your party instant gratification on your purchase. You and your party will have the option to request custom orders if you wish. Alongside our jewelry, we will bring our industrial lamps and jewelry stands with us to your party.

Perks for hosting

We  will do our absolute best to thank you greatly for helping spread the word about Amaris Jewelry! The best kind of compliment we could receive is knowing you would want to share us with your friends and family!

If you host a party, we will offer some great discounts especially for you, including a free custom bracelet just for hosting! We will also include up to 25 complementary invitations for you to mail to your guests. 

Additionally, if three of your guests book a future party, you will receive a FREE Antique Key Necklace of your choice once the three parties have been hosted.

how to sign up

 Please click the Sign Up Button above to sign up or request more information. We will review your request and confirm within 1-2 business days on the date and location. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly via the Envelope at the top of each page. Please consider hosting an Amaris Jewelry Party today!

Example of Complimentary Invitation for Your Party